• RAY Bakery

    RAY Bakery

    Half n Half....it is about sharing.

  • Business Service

    Business Service

    One key success factor of any business is communication. We do not have only reputable Call Center, but also relate business service to serve every corporate with competitive cost.

  • Ray Home

    Ray Home

    Ray Home is a Serviced apartment with free internet, cable TV and exercise facilities, at Pattaya’s best fixed rates per night.

    We believe that your stay in our serviced apartments should have all the convenience of home, and pay no extra for the things you're used to, e.g. high speed internet, a swimming pool, the gym, or your favorite TV show on cable TV connection. No one offers these extras, but we do, which is why Ray Home is the first choice for large families with all ages.

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We specialize in making every dreams possible.

With our expertise in improving the lives of people with disability. Ray SE supports people with permanent and significant disability to have more choice and control. We will deliver a new system of individually tailored support for people with disability based on need where funding goes to the individual. Please call us, we would love to talk to you about anything.

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